Attorney Assisted Modification Program

$595.00 to start then $600 in 30 days and 60 days – $1795.00 total
Save $75.00 if you remit $1720.00 at one time.

Great program for 25% of homeowners – we do 80% of the work, you do 20%

Got a complex problem? Lender Fraud – self-employed – lots of income from rental income – no payment for years – very large loan balance – getting the run around from your lender – need to stop a sale date – been denied – we can offer the correct law service to match your problem.

Note a modification application can stop a foreclosure. – Let’s talk. We accept credit cards.

Modifications are based on your ability to pay now.  Therefore having problems with lower income may qualify you for a lower payment for the next 40 years.  Note bad credit is not  a problem.

2% and 4% are becoming common with a term of 40 years. 2nd loans and a credit loan on the home can be modified and if there is no equity the balance may be reduced by 85%. Credit card balances can be reduced by approx. 70% without a Bankruptcy.

Cash for relocation

Can’t save your home–? Losing your home to foreclosure sale — forced to short sale?? Would $5,500 or more help to relocate?

We only get paid if you get paid

Only a law firm can advocate on your behalf to get you approximately a $5,500 check from your lender for you to relocate (That is after our fees) because only a law firm can threaten the lender with legal action that may have a dire consequence to a lender.

We can help you deal with and perhaps eliminate the embarrassment of a foreclosure. If a foreclosure is not processed yet then there will be no notice of a foreclosure sale in your local newspaper which will prevent looky loos from driving by day and night or knocking on your door.

Our goal will be to negotiate with your lender to prove that it is better to pay you to deed them the property or lets you allow a short sale that saves lender approx $25,000.00 to avoid their costs of attorneys, lost time, and to avoid potential legal problems that could delay a sale date. We have a long list of potential problems that lenders typically have with law firms, plus a list of any needed repairs that are often is a long list–longer the better.

  • Modify My Mortgage and Bradford Mortgage Law Group USA, Inc. / CLSA has a staff of financial consultants that will offer you a wide range of options that are best for you – not us.

  • Cash for keys.

  • There is no pressure to acquire our services ever.

  • We are friendly – low key, we are the good guys.

  • We are not judgemental, problems are just part of life, another adventure.

Prior Mortgage Payment: $1,963
New Mortgage Payment: $1,446
Prior Interest Rate: 6.25%
New Interest Rate: 2.75%
Total Annual Savings: $5,964
(Read full testimonial here)
Imelda Sanchez:
Original Loan Balance: $382,922.87
New Loan Balance: $135,900
Prior Mortgage Payment: $2,768.20
New Mortgage Payment: $1,230.80
Total Annual Savings: $18,448.80
(Read full testimonial here)
Nick Prust:
Prior Mortgage Payment: $1,167.50
New Mortgage Payment: $700.44
Prior Interest Rate: 8.69%
New Interest Rate: 2.19%
Total Annual Savings: $5,604
(Read full testimonial here)

2nd loan rate reductions are common and sometimes we can reduce the loan balance by 90%. If your loan balance owned on your first loan is larger than the value of your home often Bradford Law Firm / CLSA can negotiate a very large balance and rate reductions.


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We know that there is nothing worse than being worried and uninformed, so we made it our mission to create a system that is robust and secured to best server your needs.

24/7 Attorney Case Tracking System

Only Bradford Law / CLSA offers, 24/7 auto-notification about the status of your case file, you can go online and see your file using our secured attorney case tracking system. And every time we make updates to the status of your file, you are automatically emailed that entry.


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