Home Loan Problems

  • Can’t afford current payments?
  • Behind in payments (1-6 months or 3 years?)
  • Need to stop foreclosure sale?
  • Need to get another modification?
  • Robbing Peter and Paul in order to pay home    loans?
  • Turned down for a refi, but need to lower    payments?
  • No cash reserves – living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Bad credit and underwater?
  • Need financial advice as you’ve been turned down    for a modification or a remodification?
  • Getting the run around from your lender?
  • You don’t know what options are available to you?


  • Modify My Mortgage and Bradford Law Firm have a    staff of financial consultants that will offer you a    wide range of options that are best for you – not        us.
  • There is no pressure to acquire our services ever.
  • We are very friendly – low key, we are the good    guys.
  • We are not judgemental, problems are just part of    life, an adventure and we are just a guide along    the way.

   We just look expensive, but really we are not, have    a look at our affordable payment plans below.

   Get started for $1,000 – $1,113 or $650 for our most    affordable 90/10 percent program.

   Call us – it’s ok, 800.663.4396 or complete the form    on this page and let us know when to call you.

2014 Loan Modification & Loan Balance Reduction

Did your income go down and you can’t afford your payments? Modifications are based on your ability to pay now. Therefore having lower income now, may qualify you for a much lower home loan payments for the next 40 years. Convert a current problem into a long term advantage.

In the eyes of the bank and the court, if the homeowner is not actively pursing their legal rights to correct the situation, then it appears you are ignoring the problem and the longer you wait your legal position gets weaker and the bank position gets stronger.

We are getting very dramatic rate reductions from lenders such as Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Ocwen, Green Tree and hundreds of other small lenders/banks organization.

1st loan 2% to 4% rates are becoming common with a term of 40 years. This may lower your payment by 50%. These terms can mean the difference between affording your home or losing your home.

Prior Mortgage Payment: $1,963
New Mortgage Payment: $1,446
Prior Interest Rate: 6.25%
New Interest Rate: 2.75%
Total Annual Savings: $5,964
(Read full testimonial here)
Imelda Sanchez:
Original Loan Balance: $382,922.87
New Loan Balance: $135,900
Prior Mortgage Payment: $2,768.20
New Mortgage Payment: $1,230.80
Total Annual Savings: $18,448.80
(Read full testimonial here)
Nick Prust:
Prior Mortgage Payment: $1,167.50
New Mortgage Payment: $700.44
Prior Interest Rate: 8.69%
New Interest Rate: 2.19%
Total Annual Savings: $5,604
(Read full testimonial here)

2nd loan rate reductions are common and sometimes we can reduce the loan balance by 90%. If your loan balance owned on your first loan is larger than the value of your home often Bradford Law Firm can negotiate a very large balance and rate reductions.


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Low Cost Package (90/10 percent program)

Your chances of getting a modification are very slim without professional help. And those lenders that offer free services or those government HUD programs have a poor reputation. It is sort of like the spider to the fly. We are here to help you.

If you can afford to retain an attorney at the cost of $4,000 – $10,000 great — but most homeowners cannot afford that much money. So we now offer the best of what a attorney can offer you and by offering to have the same professional underwriter that underwrites for Bradford Law Firm will work on your loan modification application. They then will give you your professional prepared loan modification which you can send off to your lender and we will tell you how to respond to your lenders request for information and updated document requests.

Why does this save you money? We do 90% of the work, and you do 10%, but at any given time we have your back 100%. You talk to your lender (using our instructions) avoiding the higher cost of our attorney and our underwriter.

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Timing Consideration
If your lender received a completed mod application before they
retained an attorney to start the foreclosure. The lender must stop all foreclosure activities therefore, you will not be charged the $1,500 to $4,000 lender attorney fee.

Per Federal Law (January 2014) the lender must stop all foreclosure activity when they receive an application for modification, so there’s no worry about coming home and finding out you have been locked out of your home.

As the lender must stop all foreclosure activities while reviewing the application, this will prevent the lender from charging you with additional attorney services which could amount to $2,400+.

Note: If the lender denies the modification, there’s nothing to prevent us from re-applying for another modification.

Free Evaluation

Find out if you qualify for a Loan Modification. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the more questions you answer – the more accurate your results.

  • Any additional information or questions you may have please type in the comment box above. If you add your address with your comments we will give you a free estimate of current value. Any additional information or questions you may have please type in the comment box above. *Any information you share with us is secure. It will not be sold or reused.

24/7 Attorney Case Tracking System

Only Bradford Law offers, 24/7 auto-notification about the status of your case file, you can go online and see your file using our secured attorney case tracking system. And every time we make updates to the status of your file, you are automatically emailed that entry. We know that there is nothing worse than being worried and uninformed, and so we made it our mission to create a system that is robust and secured to best serve your needs.

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