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  1. Bob and Sandy Heisser : Sandy and I would like to thank you Wendy and everyone else at Bradford / CLSA for assisting us in obtaining our home loan modification. The effort AND results by the Bradford / CLSA team has been nothing short of amazing for us and we would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone seeking to modify their mortgage.  The idea of trying to do this on your own or with other “firms” (none have your great reputation) in our minds is a waste of time and ultimately will likely not result in a positive outcome. Please, if anyone would like to speak to us or email us you have our permission to give them our contact information.  Again, thanks to you and everyone at Bradford / CLSA our lives have been changed, for the better because of your results. Note : Original payments $1867.00–new payments  $1200.00  a saving of [ 35%] $667.00 a month = $8004.00 a year = $80,040.00 ten years
  2. Negin : I wanted to personally thank you for all that your company and your personnel have done for my family and me.  Notably I wanted to thank Ms. Marjorie Castro for her relentless work, dedication, and knowledge through the Modification Process. When I originally filed for a loan modification, my expectations were minimal at best, especially because of all the negative results that everyone around had encountered dealing with various companies promising the world. Fortunately, Marjorie was able to achieve what seemed to be an impossible dream. She was able to modify my first loan through Wells Fargo and secure a 30 year fixed loan at a considerable lower payment, with a savings of $455.64 a month.  I was so pleased with the results that a I did not expect anything else.  However, I then received a letter that my home equity line of credit loan $263.000 was being fully extinguished as a result of my first modification.  I am now able to keep my home and continue living the American dream, all because of Ms. Castro, and your Company.  I am truly indebted to her and your Company.
  3. Pete Mugasis : At the point I realized we were not going to have the money to pay the mortgage and there would be no hope of catching up. The only thing I could think of was contacting the mortgage holder to try to work something out. About that time I was listening to one of my regular talk show hosts who happened to have a guest said to call modifymymortgage.com, that they knew how to get modifications done, I had been leery of using a 3rd party, but I also saw how lots of people had not done well trying to work with their mortgage holder.  I had a glimmer of hope having a reputable program actually endorse a company that might help me. I made the call and started working right away with the staff at modifymymortgage.com I’m self-employed and had a really complicated financial situation, but they worked with me and helped sort things out to present to my mortgage holder.  They stayed on top of things and really directed the process to postpone the initial sale date.  From there we got all the required financial data together and I was granted a trial modification. They negotiated a payment, we could handle and we completed the trial period. I just received word that the modification is now permanent.  My payment is almost half of what it was.  There is no way this would have happened, if I’d tried to do it myself.  Listening to the radio that day was a God-send. I’m grateful for the work they did for me. Marjorie was fabulous, I felt like I was her only client. It was funny; she would always maintain this formal exchange as we e-mailed back and forth She always referring to me as Mr. Mugasis, but I always addressed her as Marjorie – She was a friend in my corner! The results of your company obtain for me are as follows:Old Payment; $2,325.00 to New Payment: $1,239.37
    From 7.375% to 4.125% fix for life of loan.
    Saving of $1,085.63
  4. Anonymous : We started with the Modify My Mortgage program in November and we received our modification offer in January.  After trying a modification on our own a couple of years ago, with no real results, we heard about Modify My Mortgage.  The best decision we’ve ever made.  Our $204,000 mortgage will be reduced to $147,000.  We also will have a new interest rate of 2%. This cuts our monthly payment almost in half. I can’t thank Modify My Mortgage, and all the attorney’s, enough.  Everyone has been great through the entire process!  I’ve already begun spreading the word to my friends and family that are in similar situations.  It’s a scary process to start, but well worth it! THANK YOU!!!!
  5. Marissa Calma : I’d like to thank Attorney John Archer and your company for an “excellent job well done”! The last two years of my life has been too stressful and my concentration was not there especially where my life was going. I kept thinking what will become of me when I reach my retirement age, “to start over again?” When I contacted you— you were my last card. I’ve been trying to have my loan approve by Chase but always ended up for trial payments (2 times) and then be denied for same reason “insufficient document”. After you started processing my modification, I started to see some light.  Jim, I trusted you and referring me to one of your underwriter Ms. Marjorie Castro was an excellent choice! After several communications, e-mail and providing you and her with precise information and documentation, she was able to put all pieces together. Ms. Castro tirelessly e-mailing and assuring me that she will check with Chase and update me regularly. In short, she gave me peace of mind. We will keep you in my prayers for long health, happiness for you and your loved ones”. I know you will be helping other people like me. Once, again my sincerest thanks you with all efforts you extended me during this most difficult time of my life. God Bless Both of You. —  PostScript — Marissa was paying Chase $3898.46 a month and now her new payments will be $1451.86 a month —-a saving of $2446.60 a month—that is a saving of $146.796.00 over the next 5 years. (Posted on : 01/10.2011)
  6. Mr. Raymond & Mrs. Martha Sabrowski : My wife and I want to thank you for your advice and time that you spent with us on the phone.  You told us that we had a good chance at modifying our mortgage.  You helped sooth our fears about losing our home.  A week or so ago, Marjorie our contact person at home retention programs informed us of our successful modification.  I cannot express to you the feeling of relief we felt that day and everyday since. You and your associates will be in our prayers for the blessings that you have brought to us.  If ever someone needs to know that they are making the right decision listening to you folks or retaining the recommended attorney.  Please feel free to use us as a reference.  I thank God everyday that I watched that Sean Hannity show where he mentioned your service.  Without Modifiy my Mortgage we would most certainly be living in another place not of our own.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I will refer you folks to anyone brave enough to talk to me about their situation.
  7. Mr. Hicks : Reduced his monthly payment with CitiBank from $2,800 down to $1,500; a $1,300 monthly savings.
  8. Ms. Michelle : AHMSI approved 1st lien on step-rate program: 4.00% 4.50%, 5.00%, 6.00% years 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. The second mortgage was adjusted downward to 5.00% fixed for remainder of loan term.
  9. Mr. Carlos : Chase Bank modified interest, lowering rate and payments.
  10. Ms. Georgette : Modified her HSBC first mortgage to a new rate of 5.25%, reducing her payment from $2,056 down to $1,232, saving her $824 in monthly mortgage expense.
  11. Mr. Appel : Reduced the interest on his Wachovia first mortgage, with gradual increases during first 7 years and fixes thereafter at 6.50% for the life of the loan. A $65,335 Principal Balance reduction was also negotiated, from $653,353 to $588,018.
  12. Ms. Johnson : Her payments dropped $700 monthly Gina Alcantar – Wachovia
  13. Ms. Teodora : Negotiated a principal reduction of $169,371, from $564,571 down to $395,200. Also modified interest rate reduction and step-rate plan, from 5.00%, increasing each year by ¼ percent to cap at 6.5% in 7 years.
  14. Mr. James : – American Home Mortgage. Results: LOAN MOD APPROVED. DELINQUENT AMOUNT CAPITALIZED TO PRINCIPAL BALANCE. Step up program. NEW RATE IS 4.3% 5/09, THEN 4.8% 6/09, 5.8 05/2010, 6.8 6/2010 NEW PAYMENT WITH TAXES AND INS- $2648.75 at 4.3%

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