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“What is a loan modification?”


We help our clients pursue loan modifications. A loan modification is when your mortgage servicer agrees to adjust your mortgage payment to better fit your income & expenses. Typically, someone who obtains a loan modification is able to get a lower interest rate & a longer repayment period – resulting in a lower monthly payment, as can be seen in the below example:

Amount Left on Mortgage
Current Interest Rate
0 years
Years Left on Mortgage
Current Monthly Payment

As you can see, a loan modification may result in a lower, more affordable monthly payment than what you currently have.

Amount Left on Mortgage
Potential Interest Rate
0 years
Potential Years Left After Modification
Potential Monthly Payment

It is important to note that this is not a guarantee of future results. This is just an example of what a successful hardship-based loan modification might look like. A borrower can potentially obtain a lower interest rate and a longer repayment period, resulting in a lower monthly payment that can fit better into one’s budget.

“How can I qualify?”

Our firm helps clients pursue loan modifications via two different routes: hardship-based modifications & mediation within an active bankruptcy.

Modification Through
Mediation in Bankruptcy

For those in an active bankruptcy*, we can represent you in mediation between you & your loan servicer in an attempt to lower your payment to a more manageable amount.

*For residents living in Florida or the Northern District of California only.

Traditional Hardship-
Based Modification

For those who have experienced a financial hardship, we can represent your situation and document your hardship to the servicer and attempt to modify your mortgage to better fit your financial situation.

“What qualifies as a hardship?”


A hardship can be temporary or permanent and is typically something that prevents you from being able to make your mortgage payment. Take a minute to look at the list of examples and think about if any of those hardships apply to your situation. If so, you may be able to pursue a loan modification.

With over 10 years of experience fighting for homeowners, we have produced real, tangible results, and hope to help you too. While we cannot guarantee any results, we guarantee that we will fight for you and do our best to keep you in your home.

  • Unemployment

  • Increase in Housing Expenses

  • Income Reduction

  • Divorce or Legal Separation

  • Death of a Contributing Member

  • Long-term or Permanent Disability

  • Disaster (Natural or Man-Made)

  • Business Failure

  • Increased Expenses

  • Excessive Debt Payments

  • Limited Cash Reserves

“Might I qualify?”

If you would like to fill in our FREE initial questionnaire and let our attorneys see if you would be a good candidate to attempt a loan modification with us, please click the link to our secure questionnaire. We only ask for your name, amounts and figures, and an email address. We do not need your property address or account number.

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“What does the whole process look like?”


You fill out the short initial questionnaire and our attorneys will determine if we may be able to help you modify your mortgage.

If our attorneys think we can help, you can retain us to help fight for your loan modification and provide us just a little more information.

We draft and assemble your document “package” and get to work helping you obtain a loan modification & stay in your home.

Hopefully, we’ve answered many of your questions thus far – but, who are we?

We’re Ironhorse Law Group.


We’ve been consistently providing California homeowners with big-firm expertise in a high-touch, small-firm practice since 2013. We’re a law firm based in the East Bay with a strong real estate focus.

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Additionally, should we run into any issues with your home that are more complex, we have the ability to handle them in-house.

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You may wonder if you are a good fit for one of the two loan modification options we described above.

Our attorneys can do a free, no-commitment review of your circumstances and determine whether or not you would be a good candidate to attempt a loan modification. If you would like to have a member of our team reach out and offer our services, please fill out the form below or complete our free questionnaire here.

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