This is our free initial questionnaire that we use to determine whether one might be a good candidate for attempting a loan modification. There are certain qualifications that must be met that allow one to apply for a hardship-based loan modification and the information you provide can help our attorneys determine if you likely meet the necessary criteria.

Once your information is submitted, our attorneys will analyze what you have provided and will advise whether we might be able to help you obtain a loan modification. As you fill out the questionnaire, please try your hardest to be as accurate as possible, as our attorneys will advise you based solely on the information you provide and we will assume any information given is complete and accurate.

Are you in an ACTIVE bankruptcy in California? *
Have you suffered any sort of financial hardship? *
Please check all hardships that apply and that you can reasonably prove with documentation. *
If you are behind on your payments, how many months are you behind?
Are you trying to modify a mortgage on your PRIMARY RESIDENCE? *
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